Why your stomach may be causing you back pain

July 24, 2017

Most of the time, people believe that their back pain is mostly a structural issue and if they treat the back itself, the problem can be completely solved. What surprises many people is that often times digestion and gut health play a big role in back health.


Nerves from the spinal cord are connected to the muscles and organs surrounding your back. Your digestive system is located near your lower back. The nerves that link to specific organs in our gut also link to specific muscles in the back and neck. When those muscles tense up and contract, back pain occurs.

This means that adjustments in your diet can be key to solving your back pain. One of the core principles of how we treat patients at Midtown Integrative Health & Wellness is that we assess and treat the entire spectrum of potential causes for imbalances. Being cognizant of what you eat and drink is crucial to your structural (think bones, joints, and muscles) well-being.

Even if you think you are eating healthy, a lack of variety in your diet; food sensitivities or allergies; and/or consuming excess sugar, caffeine, or even too much fiber can disrupt the harmony of your gut. For example, many patients tell us that have a great routine of oatmeal with no added sugar for breakfast and salads for lunch. The problem with this seemingly healthy diet is they are eating too much of the same thing and might be consuming too much dietary fiber for their system.

Our nutritionist and registered dietitian Willow Jarosh works with our chiropractors to help patients get on track with their digestive health. “Frequently a simple adjustment makes a huge difference,” Willow says. “Even taking away that second cup of coffee in the morning can help some people reduce the stress on their digestive organs and thus, improve the function of their whole body.”

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