The importance of an annual physical

September 26, 2017

There has been much debate about the necessity of annual checkups. Our practice believes in the power of preventative care and recommends seeing your internist once a year. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Detect potential issues early: We get a lot of patients in our center with back pain. Our team of doctors can help address the core issues and fix issues before they do more harm. Another example is the importance of stress management, especially in New York City. Our specialists work as a team to identify the root causes of pervasive health problems. We take great pride in our ability to pick early warning signs for potential problems in the future. The frequency of the yearly checkup also allows us to track changes in the body, which is especially important as we get older.
  2. Develop a closer relationship with your doctor: The more you feel comfortable sharing with your doctor, the better they can help you achieve your health goals. Midtown Integrative pays attention to your state of mind as much as your physical state. Keeping tabs on your emotional health is very important as it’s directly tied to how your body functions. “Developing a strong relationship with your primary care physician is key,” said Dr. Robert Bos, internist at our center. “Regular physicals are a great time to assess your health and get ahead of potentials issues that may arise down the road.”
  3. Diabetes and high blood pressure: These two chronic conditions are very common. Basic screenings can detect warning signs so they can be addressed before they become major issues.
  4. Peace of mind: How many times have you heard that a routine physical turned into a fortunate early discovery of potential larger issue? Knowing that you have a clean bill of health and a plan to live your best life is worth the time spent at an annual checkup.

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