Meet the Midtown Integrative PT team

October 8, 2017

Whether you are limited in mobility, want to optimize your performance or need rehabilitation and strengthening after an injury or operation, the physical therapists at Midtown Integrative Physical Therapy can create a custom program to help you reach your goals. Like all of the services we offer at Midtown Integrative Health & Wellness, PT is a specialty that works collaboratively with our chiropractors, physiatrists and primary care physicians among others to ensure the most complete care possible. It is this integrative, whole care approach that further distinguishes them from other physical therapy offices.

We sat down and asked each of the PT team members to share a little bit about why they got into their profession and what they like to do outside of working at the center.

Jason Moy, PTA, CSCS

“I first became interested in PT during college when my suite mate on the soccer team tore his ACL and had to go to physical therapy after his surgery,” says Jason. “That summer I volunteered at Hospital for Special Surgery which gave me firsthand experience and confirmed my passion for the field.”

Jason enjoys golf (and would like to play more often) and cooking. He has checked 35 countries off of his travel list and is working hard to add to that total.
Angela Park

“I chose physical therapy when I realized how amazing our bodies are in their resiliency and ability to heal,” says Angela. “I enjoy educating my patients on how they can take control of their own pain and mobility. Seeing them succeed is deeply rewarding.”

Born in Brazil, Angela speaks Portuguese, Spanish and Korean. She and her husband own two dogs and Angela admits she’s tempted to get a third.

Martin Ridley, PT, MSPT, NASM ACPT

Martin says that, “I was still at college when I got into physical therapy. I was a football player who had just had the first of seven knee surgeries. That surgeon did more harm than good with the procedure. Ever since then I promised myself if I could help just one college athlete avoid my same fate, all the education required for my PT degree would be worth it.”

Outside of work, Martin is aiming to be on the board of directors for a school serving students with special needs.


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