About Us

Midtown Integrative Health & Wellness is an integrated health center offering a wide range of alternative and modern medicine specialties under one roof. The integrated model offers patients the convenience of multiple services and coordinated treatment plans in one location.

Discover our concierge care and friendly, attentive service. Our team offers acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, integrative medicine and cardiology, internal medicine, non-surgical orthopedics, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and stress management counseling.


Our Approach

We recognize that no two patients are alike, and each of our providers offers a tailored approach and treatment plan for your injury or condition. We operate on the principle of collaborative, patient-centered care, working together to identify the root causes of your symptoms.  With this approach, our providers can help you achieve long-lasting results and long-term, optimal health.

Our history

The concept of a comprehensive healthcare center focusing on complete wellness was conceived by Dr. Sheldon Sinett, who successfully treated patients by balancing the body on three levels: structural, digestive and emotional. At the core of the theory is the idea that all elements of an individual’s health are connected. Today, the center has blossomed into a multi-discipline location that combines cutting-edge medical treatments with natural healing principles that treat the whole body.

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