The apothecary at our office offers professionally formulated nutritional supplements, designed to work in conjunction with a good diet with moderate fat consumption from good sources and a low-carb lifestyle combined with exercise.

Dr. Byrd and Dr. Fratellone have created and curated a research-based product mix to address a range of deficiencies and boost your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our apothecary features a wide variety of physician-grade supplements, proprietary tea blends, essential oils and raw honey

It’s tough for even an active, diet-conscious individual to get all of the essential vitamins, supplements and minerals that the body needs to maintain optimal health. We are here to help.


Rick Byrd

After spending more than 25 years in public education from a classroom teacher to a district level administrator, Rick Byrd, Ph.D., felt it was part of his life mission to take a more positive look at health and wellness. Although only a small portion of his studies focused on this important aspect of life, just looking at the lunches students were served in school left him to understand the importance of taking healthy living in to his own hands. Originally from Virginia, Rick did all of his formal educational training in North Carolina through the University of North Carolina University System and has been a native New Yorker for more than 25 years. Collaborating with Patrick Fratellone, MD RH, Rick opened Longevity For Life, Inc in 2004 and focused on providing physician grade nutritional supplements to patients as part of their treatment protocol. As the business and patient needs expanded, so did the products offered. In 2013, Healthy Living Apothecary was created – bringing the integrity of the old medical apothecary to the 21st century. Today, Healthy Living Apothecary carries more than 200 physician-grade products; a complete line of medicinal and artesian teas under the Herbaceous Garden Tea line (Named One of America’s Best in Martha Stewart’s American Made - 2012-2013); a variety of eco-friendly and earth friendly products; and a full range of homeopathic products. Rick and his staff welcome you to Healthy Living Apothecary and invite you to come by and have a cup of The Tea of the Day because we believe “a cup of tea can chase away the blues while a pot of tea, share amongst friends, can be enchanting.”


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