Sports Nutritionist in NYC

Our registered dietitian (RD) and nutritionist Willow Jarosh provides personalized nutrition counseling to help our clients meet a variety of nutrition goals ranging from weight loss, sports training, or learning how to make healthier food choices in general, to managing medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and food intolerances/allergies. She believe effective nutritional programs need to be sustainable, so your lifestyle and preferences are carefully considered to ensure long-term, measurable success.

Weight Loss Nutritionist in NYC

We cover weight loss/weight management, child/adolescent nutrition, pre and postnatal nutrition, wellness and prevention, vegetarian nutrition, disease management, food allergies and intolerance, digestive disorders, and other considerations.


Willow Jarosh

Willow Jarosh, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, speaker, coach, consultant, and writer. She is committed to giving people the tools they need to reach their health and happiness goals in the ways that are most effective and sustainable for them. As a personal nutritionist, Willow often heads to the grocery store with clients and even cooks with them in their own kitchens. Her hands-on approach finds her dishing out samples in corporate cafes and college cafeterias as well as advocating more healthful options with food service management. Willow holds a Bachelor of Science degree in human nutrition from the University of New Mexico, a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Communications from Tufts University, and is a nutrition expert for SELF magazine, Bumble Bee Foods, and Healthy Mama Brand. She also sits on the board of the non-profit organization Healthy Kids Concepts and has co-created meal plans and recipes for Popsugar, Flywheel Sports, SHAPE magazine, Men’s Journal, multiple Rodale books, and others. Her first cookbook, filled with recipes to combat common pregnancy discomforts and co-written with her business partner, comes out in September.

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